Application Processing Status:
  • Renewals: working on those received on or before 10/2/2023
  • Conversions: working on those received on or before 9/25/2023
  • Out-of-state Original: working on those received on or before 9/25/2023
  • Professionalizations: working on those received on or before 10/3/2023

Welcome to the Indiana Department of Education's Licensing Verification and Information System (fondly known at the DOE as LVIS). This new online application system has been designed with enhanced self-service features to make it easier and faster for you to apply for and receive your credentials. Here are some of the highlights of LVIS:
  • You create a personal profile that you can update as necessary.
  • You can instantly upload documents required for licensure during the application process.
  • Automatic email messages will be sent to you with updates on the status of your application.
  • As soon as your license is approved you can log in to your LVIS account and print your credential.
  • Multiple licenses will be displayed on a single educator credential.
  • You can record and track your professional development and have your PGP verified by your building administrator online.
  • No more inconvenience buying a money order or cashier's check. Pay online with your personal Visa or Mastercard or use a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard purchased from a local retailer.

  • If you need information about the types of licenses available and what materials you will need to apply, click here to go to our general information pages. If you are ready to start the application process,click here and let's go!